Raz Phoeba – Human Ranger

Age: 29
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 165
Alignment: Unaligned

Raz Phoeba, Knight of the Order of the Golden Scale, is a Knight in service of the Viscountess Rockbreaker in Ironstrike. He heads the Rangers who explore and chart the outlands around the fledgling town, and is tasked with keeping it safe from the wilds, in general.

He was raised to the knighthood directly by the Viscountess, after a long series of adventures as a member of the regular Army of the Scale led to her rescue by a small squad that he led. When the Viscountess decided to test her fortunes by committing to the construction of the Fortress at Ironstrike and moving there, Raz accompanied her, along with her two other knights.

Raz Phoeba is a native of Delphina, born the second son of three of a talented fletcher. Dispossessed of any talent at the craft himself, and after it became apparent that he lacked any talent at currency and trade, Raz was pushed into the only other viable trade available readily to a youth in the city: the enlisted of the Army of the Golden Scale. Although Raz possesses little skill in the crafting of bows like his father or younger brother, he is exceptionally gifted in their application and is an aspiring archer of some prowess.

Within his first few years of service, Raz was given his first assignment for duty as a newly promoted corporal.


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