Tales of Tierra


As a fledgling Corporal recognized for his ability to keep his mouth shut, Raz Phoeba is given an unusual field assignment: Lead a small team of mercenaries on a simple job to recover a merchant’s ledger as evidence of fiduciary wrong-doing under the laws of the Order of the Golden Scale. Given a warrant of search and seizure, Raz must travel to the distant village of At-Water on the border of the nations Aria (Capital: Elyswyn) and Jotun (Capital: Thorunheim) to investigate and (probably) arrest Ian McKieran, the sole operating full-time merchant of the village.

Blackguard’s Company, the mercenary unit that has taken the contract from the army at lowest bid, has provided Raz with an unusual motley crew to do his job with, however…

OOC: Characters should write a bio that briefly explains their background and why they have been subcontracted by Blackguard’s Company in the Low Quarter to journey with Raz. It can be to settle a debt owed or because you are simply looking for work or any other number of reasons. Play will begin with characters arriving in The Creaky Board, an ordinary watering hole in the Low Quarter, assignment sheets in tow.


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