Welcome to Tierra

A continent of four nations in a tenuous political balance.

In the first age, the Gods of the Wild ruled, shaping the land as they saw fit and bringing about the primordial creatures and elementals that populate the feral parts of the world. In this age, Fey wrought the forests in a shattering of roots and trunks and foliage. Terra sundered the world and gave rise to spines of mountain, then gouged holes within and without. Salamandra scorched the sands and laid waste to vast tracts of desert. Undine burst geyser after geyser from the ground, springing waves of rivers from shore to shore. Tempestus stirred the sky, channeling the winds along the seas and shores. Celeste hung light upon the firmament and her sister Abyssia strung darkness alongside it. This was the birth of Shael.

The Gods of Men ruled in the second age, shaping the mortal races and their primitive tribes and societies. Their names, along with their goals and rivalries, have long since been forgotten.

The Gods of Civilization rule now, in the third age, building cities and dominions, warring and mixing the peoples of the Gods of the Mortal Races as they see fit. Their civilizations carve vast swaths into the lands of the Wild Gods, taking gems from Terra’s heart, lumber from Fey’s clutch, and the water of Undine’s breath.

The Wild Gods, however, have not slept. They know now the fourth age comes, and they seek a glorious return to the chaos of their rule. Primordial forces stir and become vehement that have not awoken since before the second age. The mortal races, wrapped in their perpetual and systematic wars, must now fight against the very natural world they fought to claim. The world will inevitably be consumed with war.

The fourth age of Shael comes now, and heroes will be forged in the fight amongst gods.

Tales of Tierra